Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

About Me


The starting blocks ....


Where to start ….having been involved with horses pretty much all my life and been ‘bitten’ by the bug from a very early age, from begging my parents (who were in no way horsey what so ever! ) to take me riding lessons on a Saturday, to the nearest riding school 10 miles away, come rain, hail or snow I lived for that hour ride once a week, to pony club, stable management courses, working tirelessly in riding schools in exchange for lessons, BHS stage 1 & 2 certificates, competing at local riding clubs and county shows to show jumping and running my own livery yard, however, I can honestly say that I have never found anything more rewarding than being able to have developed the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to provide these beautiful creatures with, amongst the many benefits, pain relief, relaxation and increased range of movement. 



The Inspiration....

 I have had the pleasure of owning many horses throughout my life and I’m grateful to each and every one of them for all the lessons that they have taught me and for all the knowledge I have gained. Although, horses being horses this has obviously not been the easiest ride of my life! Some of them have had some severe injuries and life changing surgeries, from tendon injuries, arthritis, to colic surgery and Navicular, which also claimed the life of a truly talented horse, Rwffys. Most of the injuries encountered have all in some way required rehabilitation and sports massage treatments and I have been lucky to work with some lovely, talented and completely inspiring people along the way. I have witnessed first-hand at how important it is to not only treat the injury itself but also how important it is to have a rehabilitation programme and to also maintain the rest of the horse’s body, which is also extremely important in also preventing further compensatory problems and injuries   


The Dedication and commitment ....

 All these horses, experiences and inspiring people that I have met along my life all contributed to the decision whilst being on maternity leave with my daughter to study for a career that I have always felt so passionately about all my life, Equine Sports Therapy and rehabilitation. I searched for a great deal of time before finding the right course that would give me the expertise, knowledge and experience that would enable me to provide the absolute best treatments for both maintenance and rehabilitation. I have studied for 18 months and passed with distinction a level 4 Diploma with ICAT as an Equine Sports Therapist and Rehabilitation Practitioner. I have completed many case studies, some of which their comments can be read on the testimonials page,  a written and practical exam and many in depth structured assignments. I am fully insured and a full member of the association ACAT. You can be reassured in the knowledge that your horse is being treated by a fully qualified and insured practitioner and I will be working hard to constantly continue to keep my knowledge current and up to date and always be committed to learning and improving and obtaining my CPD points. 



Not for the faint hearted....

Always love a good dissection! 


eau de burn on :) …..

Always up for learning and trying something new!


Your horses framework ...

I have a slight obsession for bones!