Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge



The veterinary surgeons act of 1966 is a law that is passed in parliament in order to protect the welfare of animals. 

It states that it is ILLEGAL for anybody, other than the owner, to treat an animal without seeking and obtaining prior consent by their veterinary surgeon. 

It is usually fairly straight forward  to obtain veterinary consent and i will email you the form to send to your veterinary surgeon for them to sign prior to the treatment. 



The Initial Consultation


The initial consultation is usually around 1.5-2 hours long and this includes 

· Taking a full case history of any previous illnesses or injuries.

· Discussion of any current problems

· A static and dynamic assessment, which includes assessing conformation and gait analysis

· Basic tack assessment

· Full body massage including passive stretches

· Consultation of any relevant exercises or programme 

· Rehabilitation programme if required -If this is for an injury/condition that your horse is currently suffering from and already undergoing  treatment from your vet, the rehab programme will be discussed and agreed with the vet also. 

· Relevant aftercare advice 

Price £45.00 


other treatments

Follow up appointments 1- 1.5 hours  

Price £40 .00 

Pre & Post Event Treatments  Price £30.00

What are pre & post event treatments? 

Pre Event Treatments - these are especially beneficial given before a competition, anytime from around 4 hours to within 10 minutes before the event/competition.  Focusing on the main muscle groups that are about to be under greater stress in the competition, this treatment is to improve performance and help to reduce the risk of injury.  It is used to warm-up your horse to increase circulation and reduce excess muscular tension.  The treatment can either be relaxing to aid in calming the more nervous/excitable horse or it can be stimulating to prepare and awaken the more laid back horses. 

Main benefits:

* Warms up muscles & brings more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibres

* Prepares the horses body for increased energy demands

* Prepares neural pathways and assists with joint mobility

* Combined with passive stretches the treatment can improve the range of movement, muscle function and helps to prevent tendon or ligament strains

It is important to note that this treatment is not a replacement for warm-up exercise.

This treatment is usually around 15-20 minutes. 

Post Event Treatments - these are beneficial given after a competition to help aid in recovery and is most beneficial between 2-4 hours after the event/competition.  This treatment can help to assist lymphatic drainage, venous circulation, reduce muscle spasm and trigger points, promotes relaxation and mental calming.  This treatment is usually around 20-30 minutes. 

Main benefits 

* Provides a good first aid inspection after strenuous exercise or competition

* Helps to encourage and assists in recovery between training sessions

* Monitors any potential stress build up areas

* Assists in the flow of lymphatic fluid and therefor the removal of waste products of metabolism e.g. carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  This may be of great benefit for horses that are prone to azoturia - which is where symptoms can vary in degree from stiffness, cramps or the horse not being able to move at all with the pain, which is classed as a medical emergency and a veterinarian should be called immediately. 

* Aids in the dispersal of oedemas

* Encourages venous circulation

* Reduces muscle spasms and trigger points

* Tissue metabolism is accelerated to assist in repairs

This treatment is usually around 20-30 minutes. 


Additional Information

All of the above prices are based on the are covered above, which is within 20 miles of Bacup, Lancashire. Should you be outside of this area please don't worry, a treatment can still be arranged with a small mileage charge. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

Yard Discounts

A £5 discount applies per horse for treating 2 or more horses on the same yard