Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge

Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge Manipulating Movement for the Competitive Edge


Melody had been cast during the night and was very stiff, sore and distressed, not wanting to eat or move, Lindsey came to treat her and helped her to recover her confidence and relieve her pain. The following treatments helped to release stress in muscles and joints. Melody was due to travel to Dublin on the British team the following week, melody made a full recovery, jumped an amazing round at The Royal Dublin Horse Show, followed by a road trip across Ireland to Connemara, where she gained top marks at the competition. I don’t think Melody would have been on the team if Lindsey hadn’t treated her with such professionalism. I am very grateful to her and I will continue to have my ponies treated by Lindsey in the future.  B. E. Bagshaw 


Summer had a lump on her back and after the first session with Lindsey the lump completely disappeared. Summer thoroughly enjoyed her massage, you could see her relax as Lindsey worked on her. Lindsey was very professional and friendly and I would certainly recommend her and contact her again if I did ever have any problems. J. Buxton

My Welsh section D, miss magic has spent almost two years suffering from bone spavin and laminitis, I found myself devastated and didn’t know which way to turn. When Lindsey came out to my mare over a few week period, of equine sports massage I was completely amazed by the difference in my girl absolutely unbelievable. She went from her being lame/Stiff to a happy to ride out mare that I was used too. I have owned my horse since she was 18 months old she is now 16 years old, it’s safe to say I know my girl more than anybody. My trust in Lindsey and my farrier was paramount, Lindsey appeared very calm with my horse and was extremely professional throughout her work. I would not hesitate to have Lindsey back to do an equine sports massage on miss magic, my horse can sometimes appear nervous with people she doesn’t know, but Lindsey spent lots of time with her calming her down before her treatment. During magics treatment she was licking relaxing her head down almost like a different horse, her eyes softened like I’ve never seen her before, in my eyes Lindsey has absolutely got healing hands. I have recommended Lindsey to my horsey friends and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done, I have always been sceptical about alternative therapy, but having Lindsey out to my mare absolutely change my views. It sounds awful and devastating to say that after my girl being so lame and stiff I did consider euthanasia. It may sound strange or weird but Miss Magic did a really quiet Churner/ whinny during her treatment liked she loved it so much I could tell that she loved it. I Just want to say a big thank you to Lindsey for all her support help and healing hands, and also to my Farrier Paul Conroy BSc (hons)  AWCF, who has also shod miss magic since she was a youngster. Lots of love from myself and miss magic, what amazing experience. Thank you so much Lindsey.  M. Styles 

All 3 of my horses received treatments from Lindsey and i am happy to say they all thoroughly enjoyed the attention. 

*Billy in particular had some quite severe stiffness following a long period of box rest and although he wasn't in work we noticed a difference in his coat, general relaxation and freedom of movement. The treatment helped Billy get back to being a very playful friend with his companion.  

*Darcy was always wary of strangers but was very happy to receive treatments and was totally relaxed throughout and sleepy afterwards.  

*Blossom had some issues around her nearside stifle joint which now appear to have gone, she also enjoyed her treatments thoroughly and fell asleep throughout most of them.  

I found Lindsey to be very personable yet professional at all times and always punctual and flexible with times, most importantly my horses loved her.  Darcy is particularly wary of strangers and usually takes a while to trust people but he took to Lindsey straight away. I would happily recommend Lindsey to friends and would definitely use her again.  W. Gledhill

My horse has received a series of massages and whilst she was unsure of how to react to this, she soon began to appreciate them to the extent that she adapted her relaxed and drooling pose almost as soon as the massage commenced! She clearly loved the experience and found them therapeutic.  As she is an older and pampered mare, i am looking forward to booking more sessions as it was lovely to see her so peaceful and calm.  J. Woodhead 


Zamil is very suspicious of new people touching him due to a bad experience as a foal, with Lindsey’s gentle calm approach he has learnt to trust her and became more accepting of the treatment. He has actually found elements of it really enjoyable -despite his suspicions! He holds a lot of tension throughout his body and the sessions have really helped ease these. I have found him better for the farrier and at vetting’s for endurance competitions and he has learnt that new people may actually do nice things to him. He is better with his back legs as he was very tight in his back end. I think he is moving more fluidly since the treatments and I would definitely recommend regular sessions and am hoping to carry on doing so pre & post all his endurance competitions. I found Lindsey to be professional, very understanding and easy to share ideas with.  J. Bond


Our horse Riley is a 25-year-old Thoroughbred we have owned for the last 18 years. He is ridden regularly and enjoys light hacking and schooling. Although he regularly sees a chiropractor for maintenance purposes he has not until now had any specific sports massage treatment. Lindsey first saw Riley following an injury to his hoof & coronet band, which saw him out of ridden work for 4 weeks, followed by a further 4 weeks light hacking on the roads. It was immediately apparent that Riley thoroughly enjoyed his treatment and was very relaxed with Lindsey throughout. Lindsey was extremely knowledgeable and explained what she was doing and why during the course of the treatment. Unfortunately, the timing of Lindsey’s treatments coincided with Riley’s workload being even lighter than usual due to my pregnancy so it’s difficult to say how he has improved under saddle. However, he now moves very well and relaxed on the lunge and has maintained his condition and muscle tone despite his lighter workload. Following treatment, he has shown less stiffness and greater range of movement. In addition, following Lindsey’s recommendation to feed him from the floor he has seemed noticeably happier and more comfortable eating. Riley has healed well following his injury and I would not hesitate to use Lindsey again in the future and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking massage treatment for their horse.  K. Jones

After the first massage his rug did not slip to the side or need constant straightening, he has become more accepting of touch around his muzzle and poll. After the third massage he was able to do a complete roll from side to side instead of each side in turn. Following his final visit he was more flexible in his neck and was able to arch it in free canter. He enjoyed his massages and I would recommend the treatment and Lindsey.  C. Rousseau-Jones  

My horse Kito was more free moving in his shoulders where he was previously tight and he was happier to accept the bridle and girth.  I highly recommend Equine Sports therapy treatment and Lindsey as she was lovely with him and very professional.  A. Blackledge

Lindsey was very good with my horses and coped very well with my grumpy mare.  She was quiet and the horses were very relaxed with her.  One was a bit tight under his saddle area and after the treatment he seemed much better.  I would definitely use Lindsey again.  B. Earnshaw